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Our Associates

We are a multidisciplinary team, most of us know each other from many years ago, working together as well as just being friends until in 2016 we decided to compile and consolidate our empathy, knowledge, friendship and experience to build bonds towards companies.

How we do it? We act according to our shared values. We work by project, some of them working just one of us, others working as a team because many points of view are needed to get the best results.

We take tools from different disciplines to apply them on each project that we work with such as observation, agile software, business process management, just in time, Six Sigma, project management, scrum, among others to get the outcome promptly.

We focus on what we do best, by understanding the companies as a person, so if you focus on where the problem is, you should also focus on where that problem has both a direct and indirect impact on other systems and process.

That is how we get the best of both companies and people, by going to the essence of each one.

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Daniel A. Lescano

Management Consultant / MBA / Engineer / TPM Certified

Professional with experience and trajectory in the Automotive and Aerospace industries.
Throughout his corporate career, he has achieved organizational changes and improvements.
He has a particular vision of work teams working from the empowerment of multidisciplinary teams.
Creative and process-oriented.

Value-Added Efforts:
- 5S audits.
- Organizational Development of TPM: Creation and implementation of preventive maintenance.
- Implementation of Computer Systems for Maintenance Management.
- Process optimization and production automation.
- Reorganization and improvement of R&D.
- Quality management.
- End-to-end project management.


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Jean Phillipe Louis-Auguste

Consultor & Project Management / FCIBSE - Chartered Engineer 

Chartered MEP engineering professional with over 35 years experience in the Middle East, UK, rest of EU and Latin America working at Director and Senior management level in the MEP design and build process in a variety of applications.

Since 2017 Jean has operated as an Independent PMO/PMC Consultant specializing in re-positioning and redefining business and project control - including process/procedures and related workflows - working with Real Estate Developers, Contractors, Designers in Saudi Arabia and elsewhere.

Value-Added Efforts:

- Design Review & Design Management

- Due Diligence

- Value Engineering 

- A troubleshooting service o turn into successes projects that are in distress

- Optimizing systems, procedures & processes

  • LinkedIn - Círculo Negro
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