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Do you know about the recruitment process? 5 items you must keep in mind when you are involved in it

A lot of things says about ays about recruitment and everybody has the right to say it since we are humans and each of us talks referring to a personal experience most of the times. This isn't different from any other view.

So, after many years of performing full-cycle of the recruitment process, from sourcing to the onboarding, passing for developing the process and improving it, I was lucky to work with all types of companies, local and international, small to large, family business and enterprise, start-up and government facilities.

Different industries, different cultures, different people, different places and the list goes on. All of these variables make each company unique. So far, the experience has been wonderful and rich, because I have known people, the heart of the company, what is right and what is wrong.

As a recruiter, I’ve been learning all these years, living new experiences but I’ve been on the other side as well. We all do at a specific point of time while being a candidate when trying to sell somethings or at any transaction that involves more than 2 persons.

Having said that, I share with you some guidelines when having a role to fulfil, for all those involved in the process.

#1 – Time is valuable – for the company, the recruiter and the candidate.

For a candidate, even if you are no looking for a job and a recruiter gets in touch with you to offer a role, answer back. This person is investing time in you.

Works in the other way around too, when you are a recruiter, you are making contact with a lot of candidates, take the time to answer them back, especially when they are no longer part of the process.

That is important, to tell a candidate the real feedback, you do not know when you will be in the same position and you would like to know how things are going within the process.

Give continuous feedback.

#2 – Apply digital transformation – understand that the future of work is now.

There are a lot of candidates that the company will lose for not offering one of the most important things regarding DT, and that is remote work (applies to a lot of roles and a wide of industries).

That has nothing to do with the global situation that we are living right now. It is about innovation, change and outlasting.

Start asking how do companies compete with remote work? Is not about salary or benefits, it is about time, change, family and personal interest.

Also, up there is Artificial Intelligence that contributes to improving the recruitment process by considering the human side of the candidate.

Take a look at this tool as an example

#3 – Be Agile in HR – practice the growth-mindset and cross & multi-collaboration teams.

Perform a continuous improvement in the job description/profile, you are looking for someone to help you to take your company to a better level, so if you do not know clear enough what do you need, get help! let others help you. Multi and cross-collaboration teams matters.

This is an excellent board to start using in your recruitment process, making faster and agile

#4 – Human Experience – we are talking about people, practice empathy.

What must evaluate in candidates are their skills, not the colour of the skin, the way of dressing or even nationality.

The age of the candidate is not important, both someone who has 50 years and 20+ years of experience, as well as a fresh graduated with any experience at all, can bring in high value to any company and, the recruiters have a crucial role here by helping companies understand that.

Show respect and be humble, especially when the process is between HR colleges.

#5 – Adaptability – focus on what is important, be flexible.

Everyone should know English, like it or not. It is the global language, it will be for a long time. Candidates should not complain if it is mandatory for a role must speak English fluently, especially in the IT world.

Companies and recruiters have to understand and adapt to change, in this case when is about the candidate, should understand that not because a person is excellent doing something, that person has to focus and dedicate to that. Sometimes, life has another journey, that is why people change careers. So before judging candidates for a bump in the road in their career, start thinking about that.

Candidates should understand why most of the time a CV is required, LinkedIn profiles say things about a candidate, but also a CV. Normally, people do not put all the work-life experience in one or the other.

But there is always a place to improve.

What about making a short and quick video about who you are, what you have done, your accomplishments and how you can to add value to a company?

What else do you think we should add? What has been your experience on the different sides of the process?

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